Slimming World Smoked Haddock Fish Pie

Angie Walton conjures up a tasty, low fat, low calorie fish pie that really gives the taste buds a treat. We always have smoked haddock fillets in the shop, you can use dried herbs instead of fresh, so here is the recipe to use when you suddenly need to come up with a hot, warming meal for four.


600g floury potatoes
A large handful each of fresh chives, dill and parsley (or dried)
170g fat free natural fromage frais
Salt and pepper
1 egg, lightly beaten
1 large leek, chopped
2 level tablespoons plain flour
300ml fish stock
200g cooked and peeled prawns
200g frozen peas
4x100g skinless and boneless smoked haddock fillets (or a mix including unsmoked cod or haddock)


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